I am Tara Jayaprakash, living in Coonoor, a town in the Nilgiris, Tamil Nadu State in Southern India. I have always been interested in knitting and crochet, right from my childhood. I have learnt knitting from my mother Mrs. Rukmani Bhojraj, who passed away last year (2020) and my aunts. I belong to an indigenous tribe called Badagas (www.badaga.co)

Having been married to an Indian Air Force Officer (retired now), I have lived in many cities of India like New Delhi and Bangalore. Knitting and crocheting have always remained a passion. What started as a hobby in making items for relatives and friends , turned into business on the advise of my daughter who lives in London.

Having participated in many exhibitions and melas and the great response from the customers who purchased my products, I am seriously considering of doing business, selling my products online. I am 68 and believe that age is just a number.

Contact : +91 9845112250 email : tara.jayaprakash@gmail.com

68 की उम्र में शुरू किया अपना बिज़नेस, बचपन में सीखा क्रोशिया आया काम